Great Sandhills

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Great Sandhills, Saskatchewan, Canada

Photo: Dean Francis, Sagebrush Studios

The Great Sandhills contain one of the largest set of active sand dunes in Canada. It is a protected area and lies within the Great Sandhills Ecological Reserve.

Rising high above the terrain, the Great Sandhills cover 1,900 square kilometres. The dunes are always moving and create an ever-changing landscape.

The Great Sandhills are a paradise for bird watching, nature photography and fun in the sand. The Town of Leader, with a large outdoor pool and supporting services, provides a base to explore art galleries, museums and antique shops.

MUST SEE ATTRACTIONS: Great Sandhills Museum & Interpretive Centre, Sagebrush Studio & Art Galleries, Eatonia Heritage Park, Eston Riverside Regional Park and the Wildlife Sculptures of Leader.

IF YOU GO: The Great Sandhills are 27 km south of Sceptre, 137 km south of Kindersley and 159 km northwest of Swift Current. Surrounding communities include Burstall, Cabri, Eatonia, Eston, Empress and Leader.

BOOKS: “The Great Sand Hills” by Rebecca L. Grambo

VIDEOS: Great Sandhills

11 thoughts on “Great Sandhills

    1. Glenda Goertzen

      Hi Jim, do you have any fond childhood memories you would like to share? I’m writing a children’s novel set in the Great Sandhills. I’ve been there several times as an adult, but it would be great to hear a child’s perspective.

      1. michelle

        I do! As kids my dad used to take out by the burstall area to go crazy carpeting in the middle of summer down the dunes! It was great!

  1. Terena Gunderson

    The Sceptre Sandhills was the place we went to often. I was born and raised in Sceptre and we would have a day of where we would go pick Saskatoon berries but as a treat afterwards we would go play on the Sandhills. I remember every year going to see how far the Sandhills moved and there was a tree that was a marker. It took years but the tree was finally buried by the moving dunes. These truly are amazing and a must see if you haven’t .

  2. Jamie

    Hi everyone! I am looking to head to this area this summer. I am wondering, is tent camping allowed anywhere at the sand dunes? I haven’t found anything stat states whether it is or not. Also, if it isn’t, are there accommodations near by? Thanks in advance


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